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I am a creative person by nature. From drawing and painting to poetry and creative writing. In all of these endeavors I am inspired by words. I have had the opportunity to deal with the public for many years in the retail sphere, it is a great education. In that time I have discovered just how important using the right words and tone can be in making a connection with a client. Luckily I have been blessed with a voice that invites people to enjoy what I have to say and I have enjoyed what they have to say too.

“You Have the cutest voice!”
“You sound like a cartoon!”
“You should do Voice Over!”

That last quote is why I have decided to put my voice to work for you. I have a voice that sounds decades younger than I am and a spirit to match! Please take a moment to listen to the samples presented below and if you believe I can be of service to your project I would love to hear from you.

Heidi Daige
Heidi Daige - Voice for Hire

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Heidi Daige

Saint Petersburg, FL